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Mission Statement

The Board of Directors and members of the McGehee Chamber of Commerce hereby resolve this Chamber’s mission will be to advance, support and promote commerce, industry, agriculture, public service and contribute in every way possible to the improvement of the quality of life for all of its citizens. The Chamber will aspire to fulfill this mission with cohesive and harmonious efforts.

What is the Chamber?

The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit volunteer organization that represents business and professional organizations, groups and individuals that are interested in economic and community development.

The Chamber of Commerce is not a governmental agency.

The Chamber’s relationship with government is strictly as an advocate of business interest involving legislative and regulatory issues that could negatively affect the business community in absence of a unified business voice.

Who Should Invest in the Chamber?

Any business, large or small, can invest in a membership. The Chamber exists for ALL businesses.

Why Invest in the Chamber?

It goes without saying that investing in the Chamber shows that you care not only about your business and personal success but the overall success of your community.

Whatever the size of your business, all citizens of McGehee have the same interest in mind – assuring that McGehee and its citizens prosper in a safe, enjoyable, and attractive environment.

Investment Information

Membership dues may be deducted from federal income tax as a business expense.
Dues are payable in advance and are continuous unless canceled in writing in advance of due date.
Annual Investment Schedule:

$125 – Business
$50 – Non-Profit/Church
$50 – Individual/Retired
Why should you invest in a McGehee Area Chamber of Commerce Membership?

• Networking opportunities to promote your business and communicate news about your business

• Up-to-date communications regarding events, local information and news via the Chamber’s email distribution list
• Monthly membership meetings
• Mentoring opportunities
• Political Advocacy – the chamber monitors and responds to political issues so you can take care of business
• Publicity – FREE link to your business’s website and FREE business listing on
• Credibility – being a member says you belong to and support the local community
• Referrals – the Chamber and its members steer consumers to members
• Community Affairs – promotes and recognizes programs that can make our community a better place to live and to do business

Committees, Events & Activities:

• Owlfest
• Santa Train / Christmas Parade
• Annual Chamber Awards Banquet with Guest Speaker
• City-Wide Clean-Up Days
• Industrial Foundation, Annual Banquet and Auction
• Farmers’ Market
• Business of the Year
• Man & Woman of the Year
• Volunteer of the Year
• Educator of the Year